Polished plastering and what we offer



Microcement is a type of polished plaster but is cement based instead of lime. Due to is chemical make up, it is a very strong, durable and waterproof finish. Microcement is typically found in wet rooms, over work surfaces or even floors. It is a very versatile product with a stunning and practical finish.


The product itself comes in a large variety of colours and also textures. A few ideas can be seen on our samples page.  



A style of micro cement in travertine colour.


Venetian Plaster


Venetian plaster, also know as polished plasted, marble plaster or Italian plaster, is a lime based plaster used to create breathtaking feature walls. Being lime based, its properties are similar to normal plaster, there for do not have the same waterproof properties as Microcement. Instead this is simply an aesthetic plaster.


With this in mind, the incredible designs, styles and colours are endless. Using a variety of nautral marble lime plasters, we can create a mirror finished sheen or even a ruff, worn out textured look. Perfect for feature walls in bars and pubs or even in your home. The lime plaster we use contains marble powder and is 100% natural and some of the finest slaked lime avilable in the UK, direct from Italy.




A polsihed Lustro Venetian in a bespoke slate style colour